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Smiral Pte Ltd

Smiral Pte Ltd is Singapore’s leading software provider. Since 2010, we have been serving the business needs of some of Singapore’s top organizations. Our superior products, 24/7 support, integrated solutions, and comprehensive software modules are unparalleled throughout the industry. More importantly, our software products qualify under the PIC scheme, thus accruing enormous cost savings while improving operational efficiencies within your organization.

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Singapore (Main Office):
Smiral Pte Ltd

High Street Centre,
#17-02, 1 North Bridge Road,
Singapore – 179094

Tel: (65) 6536 0036
Email: info@summittech.com.sg

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What Our Clients Say

Smiral Pte Ltd clinic management software helped us in streamlining our patient appointments and scheduling. Earlier, we used to do it using phones, and it used to occupy on our front desk staff leaving them very less time to manage other things. Now this clinic management system Singapore has automated the process. The system even sends SMSs and emails as reminders to patients for their appointments and vaccination. This amazing new health care system software in Singapore has drastically improved our Patients Management, Prescription Management, Allergy warning Management, Drugs Management, Electronic Medical Report, Medical Billing and Payment Management, Inventory Management, Lead Management and Tracking, Reporting, overall Customer Service & Support to our patients.

Jamie Fleming

We found that Smiral Pte Ltd School management software is a useful tool to streamline the day-to-day activities of our small school. It is an intuitive & user-friendly student management system to promote automation of the repetitive activities. It saved time, efforts, money and finally, we started, to a large extent, using our skilled human resources for the tasks they are hired for.

Our staff found it easy to adapt to this web-based tool and much to their relief, module-rich school administration software Singapore actually reduced their workload. It also took the manual part out of their daily work. Their team offer exceptional customer support service.

Jasmin Von Wong