Advantages of SBS Consulting’s School Management System Software

Since for an organization profit is the motive leading to growth, every dollar invested should give the returns many folds. Getting the maximum output from every employee recruited is the key to achieve success for every organization. For this, tracking every move of the employee is must. There should not be any time loss which will directly lead to productivity loss and upset the return on investment.

There is an effective solution to this problem provided by SBS Consulting Pte. Ltd with their Time and Attendance System Software. There are distinct advantages of this system.

It helps in accurate time keeping of the employees; what time they got in and out of the company. Was there any ‘time theft’; a major cause of incurring losses. The Time and Attendance System has the capability of detailed reporting. It can coordinate time details with payroll Software and also track of absenteeism and time off. The line managers save time from liaising with each other as approvals and adjustments are handled at source by the line managers. There is the advantage of automatic calculation of overtime and other payments, this saves time and ensures accuracy. Only a few seconds are taken to generate the final payroll information.

The Time and Attendance System of SBS Consulting can also coordinate and monitor time for training and other work-related events. Employee reports can be generated and scheduled to run at any time and can be packaged and emailed if required. Weekly and daily time sheets, overtime approvals and other time related actions are available to the managers on their monitors which allow quick and accurate decisions to be made at source. It also helps in tracking whether the managers are managing their teams in line with business rules or not.
The SBS Consulting’s Time and Attendance System also have the advantage of eliminating proxy attendance marking. There is this habit among the employees to mark the attendance of the absent fellow employee on his behalf, the Bio-Metric attendance marking system marks attendance on the bio-metric parameters where there is no scope for false attendance marking. This if calculated on bigger scale at which it might be happening can reveal the magnitude of loss to the employer. Thus this system saves a lot of money being paid by the employer unknowingly and unnecessarily.

It’s not that all the benefits are in favor of the employers. Employees also tend to get benefits from the Time and Attendance Software. Employees are treated equally. There is no chance of favors being shown by managers to any particular employee as the rules are same for everybody. They get paid accurately for their services as there is no scope for calculation errors and hence no feeling of getting cheated is there in the minds of the employees. They remain committed to the organization.

Thus in view of the above mentioned advantages of Time and Attendance System of SBS Consulting it would be wise enough a decision to immediately install this system in your companies and save yourself from losing time as well as money.