An Ideal Clinic & Doctor Management System Software for Doctors & Clinics

clinic-softwareThe medical practitioners of today face an increasingly strenuous task of managing the day-to-day activities of their clinic, in addition to, fulfilling their primary objective of taking care of patients. That is why the doctors are turning their attention towards the use of Clinic & Doctor Management System Software.

The web-based doctor management software systems enable the hospital administrators in increasing the efficiency and productivity of their setups. These tools have been introduced with the aim of streamlining the tasks of a clinic or a medical office and thus, save on the operating costs.

Some of the features and benefits associated with the medical clinic software are explained as follows.

Management of Patients

With the number of patients visiting the clinic each day, it becomes a mechanical task to keep track of each one of them by maintaining a register. Therefore, by using a web-based medical clinic scheduling software, you can store the information, medical history, and personal details of all the patients in a convenient way. It makes your office a paperless one.

Also, you can retrieve the data at will whenever the patient revisits the clinic, instead of wasting time with the traditional method of flicking through the pages of a register to find the relevant details. The system also offers prescription management and very conveniently sounds an alert if a drug that a patient is allergic to gets prescribed.

Management of Drugs

The clinic and doctor management system software allows the medical practitioners to monitor the drugs available in the clinic. The system manages a database and permits you to manage the stock and expiry details.

The medical practice management software also provides expiry management feature whereby, every time a drug nears its expiry date, a reminder is sent to the administrators of the clinic so that they can take appropriate action. This way the manager(s) of the clinic can determine which drugs need to be replenished and which ones need to be discarded due to expiry.

Automated Email Management

The doctor clinic software also incorporates an automated email management module which sends reminders to the patients about their scheduled appointments and vaccination schedule. Along with the email system, the software also has an automated SMS alert system which also sends reminders to the patients.

This mechanism also helps the clinic administrators in maintaining a cordial and amicable relationship with the staff and patients by delivering automated greetings on their birthdays and festive occasions.

Management of Inventory

Inventory management is an integral part of every business and it is applicable even to the medical offices which also have an inventory to be maintained and replenished from time to time. A clinic’s inventory may consist of medical equipment, drugs, treatment beds, disposable items, and other hospital items.

With the help of this clinic software system, the clinic administrators can receive automated reminders about the inventory and stock details of items if they reach a minimum threshold.

Billing and Payment Management

Furthermore, the medical software system enables the administrators of the clinic or hospital to keep track of the payments and billing structure of the medical office. The system generates the bills that are payable by the patients. The patients have the option of using secure and integrated Payment Gateway, use their debit or credit cards or internet banking to settle their medical expenses or pay in cash.

Also, the centralized system of this software stores all the data related to billing and payments for future reference and eases the accounting task of the clinics.

The expenses incurred on Clinic and Doctor Management System Software by SBS Consulting are covered by the Singapore’s PIC (Productivity and Innovation Credit) scheme. Under this scheme, the doctors and clinics in Singapore can avail tax deductions of up to 400% or up to S$60,000 cash payouts.