Payroll Software to Ease the Burden of Non Core Activities by SBS Consulting

Singapore payroll services by summittechBusinesses are of various sizes like the small, medium and large enterprises. Depending on their size they have their inherent advantages and disadvantages of running them efficiently; for example a small enterprise can be easily managed with least complications but as the size increases the management and operational complications also increase with it. Many businesses have expanded beyond their national boundaries and have become Multi-National Incorporations employing a huge army of people. The Challenge of managing this human resource right from its recruitment, training, placement, promotion, attendance, leave record, salary, salary rise, deductions, taxes etc. is a daunting task. Hence whether an organization is of small, medium or large size, incorporating automated systems is the only solution to run them professionally and profitably.

Paying salaries to the employees in time and that too accurately is the most important task. Payslips are to be generated and the entire record of the receipts and deductions of each and every employee has to be perfect in those slips. In the present computerized age all the above mentioned complicated tasks have been taken over by the Payroll Software System Solutions and have eased the burden of the employer. In Singapore there are companies who offer the payroll services and most of the organizations have outsourced this job to the professional companies. SBS Consulting is one of the pioneer companies offering payroll services and their product ‘SBS Payroll’ has been elegantly prepared to tackle the payroll problem. It has very intelligently integrated the human resource and the accounting related functions, which go hand in hand, into their payroll software.

There are inherent requirements of this payroll system and if they are not met in the software then the system loses its importance. SBS payroll software is intelligently prepared software which has wonderful features. Looking to the needs of the organizations and their well spread out nature combined with the operational difficulties payroll software needs to have all those features which would make it highly successful. SBS Payroll System Software has all the much needed features in it. First and the most outstanding feature it has is that it is web based and hence can be accessed from any where and does not need to install any programs at the individual terminals. Being window based it is compatible with other window based operating systems like the Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7. The employee or mangers can access it through smart phones too from any where in the world 24×7. The payroll software is government regulations compliant with CPF Board, IRAS, Ministry of Manpower. It is banking compliant too with excellent connectivity with the Accounting software. It is capable of unlimited company set up, document and photo uploads and NRIC. Attendance marking is through Bio-Metric finger scan and can be fed directly into the system facilitating instant knowledge of attendance at various offices and centers. Centralized records can be easily maintained.

SBS Payroll software is getting good response and is in great demand with the companies in Singapore. Thus it needs no further clarification about the need and importance of the Payroll Software.