HR Payroll Software: Why Leave Management is Important?

Only the HR or the payroll consultant of an organization would understand the burden of managing Singapore payroll at the end of each month. One of the most cumbersome tasks of payroll management system that one needs to handle is leave management. Moreover, accuracy and timeliness are the two important aspects of leave management which cannot be compromised at any cost. Payroll software having leave management module is a perfect way to streamline the hassles of meeting deadlines and maintaining 100% accuracy while maintaining employee’s leaves.

Managing leaves of employees of an organization can be frustrating. But, with the help of leave management system of payroll, HR can easily record and monitor all types of leaves across the organization. In Singapore, complying with the statutory regulations is mandatory. Therefore, most of payroll systems in Singapore are designed in a manner that enables the organization to be compliant.

Leave tracker feature of the payroll system will enable the HR to track all employees leave information from a centralized source.  With the help of such software for payroll, employee’s leave transactions can be tracked accurately and leave balances can be updated automatically. You can even import and export leave summary data for administration work. This way, you can save a lot of time and money spent on payroll and administrative work.

The leave management system of payroll software allows the HR to keep bird’s eye view of the leave situation in the company, which in turn, enables them to take instant approval decisions. It not only enables the HR to maintain standard leave policies, but can make objective decisions. It helps the management to save huge expenditure on paper and manpower as well. Eventually, it gives a boost to staff morale.

HR payroll software is a perfect way to streamline your payroll process and eliminate your paperwork.  Now, leave requests of all the employees are automatically routed to the manager for approval process. The managers can approve/deny with just a click of the mouse. Above all, there will be no more piles of paper files to deal with.

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