How Payroll System Singapore Help Small Businesses Excel?

One of the key aspects which constantly plague a small & medium sized enterprise (SME) is the lack of abundant monetary resources. The desire of such SMEs to keep pace with the established entities has been thwarted time & again due to the rising costs of operating a business. Particularly, in today’s business scenario, a company has to look after a multitude of non-core tasks which consume time, effort and more importantly money. One such task is the payroll management which not just requires the hiring of able staff but also needs plenty of time and attention.

Hence, in order to simplify the operational hiccups of the payroll system of a SME, a latest ground-breaking payroll software Singapore has been introduced in the market. Such software system comes with a set of unique & eye-catching features which can set the ground running for a cash-strapped small business. By automating many of the Singapore payroll processes, this software drastically fast tracks the salary processing of employees, pay slip generation, leave management, reimbursement matters, ECI (Estimated Chargeable Income) filing formalities and many more.

The payroll system Singapore comprises of some of the most compelling software modules which when used by small businesses can guide them to increased profits and minimum utilization of resources. Below is the list of the vital modules of the hr payroll software:

  • Employee Management
  • Payroll Management
  • Leaves Management
  • Time Attendance: Roster & Timesheet Management
  • Claims Management
  • Progression Planning
  • Bio-metric (Finger Scan ) Attendance support
  • Email & SMS Management
  • Billing & Invoice Management

By implementing such payroll software, the SMEs can do away with the hiring of additional staff for handling the payroll tasks and in the process can save their majority of operating expenses. Furthermore, the web-based system of this software for payroll lets the small business owners and managers to access and accomplish the payroll operations even when they are on the go.

This way, the SMEs can not only achieve economic renaissance with the help of the payroll software Singapore but also focus on business profiteering and competing neck-to-neck with the established firms.