School and Tuition Management System Software

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One of the Most Widely Used School and Tuition Management Systems in the Industry

Our innovative ideas & efforts have resulted in the making of a unique software product called as the School and Tuition Management System Software. This advanced software system from Smiral Pte Ltd, seamlessly replaces the conventional practices that still exist in the administration of educational institutions. With the help of our tuition management software Singapore, the tuition centres can keep track of their daily administrative tasks such as managing the class timings & schedules of students, their fees, courses etc in an automated manner.

The school management system software thereby  efficiently expedites the myriad of admin and management related tasks of educational institutions with its technologically advanced features and software modules. The manner, in which schools, tuition centres, colleges and other educational centres handle the student related activities, would radically change with the implementation of our student management system software.

What’s more important is the fact that such a school & tuition management system enables the administrators to concentrate on improving their educational standards and to become self-sufficient, without relying on government funding. Our aim is to revolutionize the educational sector by minimizing the time, money & effort that is put into the routine management tasks of schools, colleges, tuition centres and all other educational institutions.

School and Tuition Management System Software Features

  • Web Based System
  • No Installation
  • Access Anywhere
    Windows (any OS e.g. Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7), Apple Mac and Smart Phones
  • Availability: 24/7 Accessibility
    (Restricted access and availability also possible)
  • Connectivity with Accounting Software:
    Quick Books & MYOB
  • Bio-Metric Finger Scan, Live Feed in the system
  • Centralized Records
  • Unlimited School Setup
  • Unlimited Document Uploads

Main Modules

  • Teacher / Instructor Management
  • Powerful Scheduling Engine – Class Scheduling & Rescheduling
  • Students Management
  • Branches Management – Manage Multiple Branches, Locations
  • Parents Management – Monitor child progress, Report card, Alert from school (Both Email & SMS supported)
  • Donation Management – Complete solution to keep donation tracking
  • Email support – Email direct from system
  • SMS – send SMS direct from system
  • Define weekdays price or Weekend price (Calendar dates are computed automatically)
  • Supports – Flat Pricing (e.g. 1 Session – $$) , Group Pricing (e.g. 4 Session – $$), Graded Pricing (e.g. Grade1 – $$, Grade2 – $$)
  • Resource Allocation Management – Availability to Teacher / Instructor
  • Payment Management – Fees Collection, Due Payments, Alert, Reminders – Complete Package
  • Integrated Payment Gateway for Online Payments
  • Course Management
  • Class Administration – Supports various combinations – Single Classes, Group Classes, Instrument based classes, Tutor/ Teacher Based Classes, Course based classes … etc.
  • Fees Management – Ability to define Peak or Non-Peak prices, Ability to Integrated Teacher schedule
  • Exam Management
  • Finance Management
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • School Inventory Management
  • Library Management
  • Bio-metric (Finger Scan ) Attendance support

Our array of modules facilitates the users to choose the ones that suit their specific requirements and customize their software system. Furthermore, this software product is highly cost-effective allowing the small and medium sized educational centres to use it without any budget constraint worries.

Teacher/Instructor Management
Class Administration
Powerful Scheduling Engine
Fees Management
Students Management
Branch Management
Parents Management
Course Management
Exam Management
Donation Management
Email Support
Reports and Enquiry Management
SMS Support
Payment Management
Integrated Payment Gateway for Online Payments
And More Features...