Upgrade To a Next Generation School Management System

It is understandable if you as an administrator of a traditionally managed school wants to be part of the digital revolution that is currently sweeping the educational field. You will surely benefit by implementing a Next Generation school management system.

It is nothing wrong if an educational institute wants to get online and present its best face to its prospective clients. The web-based school management system allows it to establish its online presence in the similar fashion to the organizations from all the strata of the human activity.

Adopting Web-Based School Management Software

The web-based school management software Singapore allows a school or tuition center to be in harmony with the current technological advancements. The up-gradation allows them to appear as professional as any of the other organizations. It also gives the school administrators a fresh perspective on how they can streamline the day-to-day functioning of the school.

The online school management system, like any other software, allows the entity to automate its routine tasks and an opportunity to fiddle with the workflow in order to increase the efficiency of the whole organization. It is key to lowering of its operational costs which go a long way in enhancing their sustainability and survival. This is the USP of the online school management Singapore that the traditional educational centers should exploit to their better advantage.

Today, the students needing information on courses search for it online.
A web-based school management software Singapore allows an educational institute to put resources on the web servers and use online forms to deal with student’s inquiries, tracking, and student enrollment/ registration. These details remain available to the school even when no staff member has to interact using a telephone or personally with the students.

The systems facilitating online school management Singapore allow the schools to completely automate the process without the need of any human interference. The students can use these forms to submit their details. There is no need for the schools to allocate costly human resources for the task.

The freed human resources can be reassigned to other important tasks like achieving core goals of their institute. It automatically raises the efficiency and in turn, the productivity level of the school.

School Management Software to Streamline Various Tasks

A school administration, thinking of upgrading to the school management system should search for software that will support following day-to-day tasks in the school.

  • Students Management
  • Student enquiries
  • Student admissions
  • New student enrollments
  • Exams, assessments, marks, grading, and charting of Student’s academic progression
  • Students’ attendance
  • Student Fees
  • SMS and Email Reminders to the Parents
  • Parents Management
  • Teacher Management
  • Course Management
  • Exam Management
  • Integrated Teacher Schedule
  • Multiple Branch Management
  • Finance Management
  • Email and SMS Reminders
  • Bio-metric Attendance support
  • Connectivity with Accounting Software

Advantages of Using School Management Software

Attendance Using Bio-metric Finger Scanners

One of the time-consuming tasks that the teachers must do is that of attendance taking. Manually, it is really a waste of time and under-utilization of a qualified and trained teacher. However, school management system can automate the task using bio-metric finger scanner. It is a great help to the teachers. It is accurate and tamper-free.

Capturing Data

The system presents user-friendly interfaces to its user. It makes the capturing, storage, and retrieval of school’s and student’s data easy. It successfully reduces the school’s dependence on the paper-file-based system. The captured data is available to various departments of the school. It helps in reducing the data redundancy.

Central Data Repository

The captured data is stored on the web servers. The access to it is protected by the use of security matrix. It can be accessed only by the authorized user of the system. The Super User of the system grants access credentials to the other users.

Email and SMS Remainders

The system sends automated email and SMS reminders to parents and makes them aware of the fees status of their child. Manually it is a long process involving writing letters to or having the telephonic conversations with the parents. These timely reminders assist school in increasing its Return-on-Investment (ROI).

The schools are not the same. Some of them have multiple branches spread across a city or state. On the other hand, some of them are tiny pre-schools. Whatever the size, they do have special requirements that are unique to them. Many of the software manufacturers of the school management system customize their software to accommodate such requirements. If you are diligently searching for such software, it is better to have a thorough discussion with them and get the matter sorted as earliest as possible.

The emergence of e-learning platforms has pushed the brick and mortar educational centers on the back foot. In fact, some of them are fighting a losing battle. That is why there is hardly any time available for them for delaying up-gradation of their in-house processes. The implementation of school management system is a vital key component of the forward-looking educational setups.