Using HR and Payroll Software in Singapore for Timesheet Management

HR-and-Payroll-SoftwareEven though HR and payroll are non-core activities, they carry equal importance, as the core business undertakings. However, since they are labor-intensive processes, they waste a lot of time and energy of a business organization. Automation using the latest HR and Payroll software is the key when it comes to reducing the burden of such non-core activities. At the same time, it is essential that the employees get their fair share as compensation and especially, they get it on time.

Automate with HR and Payroll Software

This is exactly where payroll software comes into the picture. With its exhaustive and integrated roster and timesheet management module, this payroll System helps the businesses; especially SMEs effectively carry out their HR, payroll, and accounting duties in a timely, accurate, and professional manner. It simplifies the process of managing duty rosters. This payroll software for small business helps in keeping track of the complete list of employees, their work timings, etc.

Payroll System Offers Greater Accuracy

This Singapore payroll software allows storing of a number of information parameters about the employee. Right from the name, age, NRIC, nationality, race, religion, training, certifications, immigration status, family details, emergency contact number to even foreign address and many more, this tool can save it all. There is also a provision to store and upload unlimited photos and documents related to the employee.

It also facilitates SMS and Email based communication between the employees and the management. It goes a long way in communicating and resolving issues.

Payroll Software is a Productivity Booster

Payroll System also supports Biometric i.e. finger scan attendance report. Additionally, the software supports different timesheet formats. It is a web-based application, that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and is compatible with most of the operating systems. It requires no installation. Not much knowledge of the technicalities is required to operate it.

Lastly, the HR & Payroll system software is compliant with the government regulatory agencies like CPF Board, IRAS, Ministry of Manpower & ACRA. It helps in reducing human dependency and eventually manual errors. All these features make this payroll management system an ideal tool for small businesses in Singapore.