What is School and Tuition Centre Management Software System?

When we talk of School and its various branches we can rightfully say that managing a school is similar to managing a business which has its various offices with all the important aspects like the Men, Money Machines and Services which are to be managed in the best possible manner so that the predetermined organizational goals are achieved and profits are generated. Just like an organization school also has the challenge to maintain its reputation and also its future existence.
In running a school when it has to perform myriad duties like maintaining good teaching and non-teaching staff, handling the admission process, holding exams, declaring results, inviting quotations from various vendors for the supply of school materials, keeping records of progress of students, issuing School leaving certificates, sending reports to the Government authorities, participating in various inter-school competitions, sending a delegation of teachers for participating in teachers’ training programs, students conveyance arrangement etc. there are many more things which a school has to manage. The modern age solution to manage all the functions efficiently is the emergence of the School and Tuition Centre Management Software System. All the above mentioned activities can’t be monitored manually. Hence automation is the remedy which revolutionizes and speeds up the running of the School and gives it a dynamic dimension.
The School and Tuition Centre Management Software System is in the form of software which integrates all the different functions and processes which are in the form of different modules and integrates them to enable management of all functions as an efficient operational and monitoring system, be it an administrative, accounting or academic function. The penetration of the educational software system is such that the Principal of the school just by seeing on his monitor can check the progress of the syllabus of any subject, of any standard, of any teacher and hold responsible the subject teacher if he or she is lagging behind in covering the school syllabus at any given point of the schedule. It facilitates the storage, analysis; access of any data instantly for study and to contemplate upon taking the desired action related to any matter of school governance.
The School Management System has to be a web based system if it has to work successfully. The web based system offers ease of accessibility and that too any time. The student can seek the teachers help by addressing their queries through the web and also can get a fast reply. School authorities also have to interact with number of people; parents of the students being the most important one. Official correspondence is a day to day matter in the education system whether it is school or college. So from far and near concerned people can interact with each other and remain well informed.
Thus for the schools if the source and the resource is to be fully utilized for operational efficiency and high quality output, for earning a good name for the institutions and to secure the future of the students the utilization of School and Tuition Centre Management Software System is an absolute necessity and not a Hi-Tech luxury to indulge in.